7:51 am
Tue January 15, 2013

Into It: Lesser Water Boatman

The lesser water boatman is known for its male mating call.
Credit Piet Spaans / Wikipedia Creative Commons

The lesser water boatman is an insect usually found feeding on ponds and lakes across Europe. Only a few millimeters long, they look a bit like a sunflower seed with big black eyes and paddling arms.

They're not known for their good looks, but rather the male's mating call, which brings them the status of the loudest animal alive, relative to body size. The call is nearly 100 decibels, equivalent to standing a stone's throw away from a roaring freight train.

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8:55 am
Tue October 9, 2012

Into It: The Scream

Andrew Bales continues with part three of his four-part look at iconic stock sound effects.

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9:08 am
Tue August 14, 2012

Into It: Colorful Noise

Courtesy Photo

When we hear the word “noise,” we think annoyance and distraction. And that makes perfect sense. Noise is essentially interference, something that disrupts our experience with everything from radios and televisions to images on digital cameras. But our ears have a unique relationship with colorful noise.

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