Tanya Tandoc

Friends and family of the late Tanya Tandoc hosted a memorial celebration for the Wichita chef and frequent KMUW commentator.

The recording of "Tanya Tandoc: A Celebration of Life" which took place Thursday, June 11, at the Wichita Orpheum Theatre can be played here.

More of the news coverage about Tanya's death can be found here. And all of her food commentaries can be heard or read below.

Restaurant Review: Hana Cafe

Nov 16, 2012
Fletcher Powell / KMUW

I have been going to Hana Café since it was a little Rock Road hole in the wall. It was tiny then, and very simple and Japanese-looking, complete with a waving kitty and blue and white curtains. The menu was small but excellent, serving sushi, pork tonkatsu, miso soup, and other Japanese specialties. One might also order a few Korean dishes, all well prepared.

Food: Alternative Thanksgiving

Nov 2, 2012
antonellomusina / flickr

According to Pinterest, Thanksgiving is upon us. I know that it seems like several weeks away, but for those of us in charge of the meal, the planning begins now. I grew up eating the same huge meal, very traditional-- turkey and all the trimmings, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, the works. We had so many dishes to do, and so many courses. My mother is from the east coast and she made all the things from her childhood. We ate oyster casserole with creamed corn and saltines, bread stuffing with sage, sweet sweet sweet potatoes with brown sugar and marshmallows.

Food: Wichita Asian Festival

Oct 19, 2012
Luis Mazier (mazemet) / Flickr

The Wichita Asian Festival is coming up this weekend, and I’m excited about it.  I have attended nearly every year since it started 32 years ago.  What began as a small celebration with a smattering of food vendors and a beauty pageant has grown into a huge multicultural event.  There’s still a pageant, but now the entertainment ranges from East Indian dance troupes to martial arts demonstrations.  It’s a blast, but the best part for me has always been the food.

Restaurant Review: MMM Sandwiches

Oct 5, 2012

When you work in a restaurant, sometimes the only thing you want to eat is something that you, yourself, did not prepare. You could be surrounded by delicious food all day long and desire none of it. I know the feeling well.

Sometimes I’ll go out and get pizza or tacos for my staff, just for a change of pace. I did that yesterday, when I went out to check on my friends at MMM Sandwiches, a food truck serving… sandwiches. Really good sandwiches. Sandwiches we didn’t make ourselves. I ordered one of everything and got an appetizer just for kicks.

Food: Gluten-Free Eating

Sep 21, 2012
AgriLife Today (agrilifetoday) / Flickr.

I will admit, very readily, that when I heard about the “gluten free” diet a few years ago, I thought it was a trend or just another weird excuse for an eating disorder. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and their cousins. Gluten intolerance makes drinking regular beer or eating soy sauce impossible. For the gluten intolerant, eating regular bread or pizza or pasta is simply not in the plan. The horror.

Restaurant Review: Doc's Steak House

Sep 7, 2012

Want to step into a time machine? I know how. Go to Doc’s Steakhouse on North Broadway and hold onto your hat. Doc’s is retro all the way, from cobbled exterior to entirely brown interior. This is old-school Wichita.

Doc’s is a real experience, in every sense of the word. It is located on North Broadway, between a couple of Mexican restaurants, a Vietnamese market, and a pawn shop. It is a part of Wichita history, where our Mad Men would drink and eat meat and drink martinis, and deals of all kinds were brokered. Nothing about it is modern in any way, except for the televisions.

Restaurant Review: Chiang Mai

Aug 24, 2012

I have talked often of my love for very spicy food. I like to eat things so chili-hot that my eyes water and I get a sort of sparkly endorphin rush. I don’t like heat for heat’s sake, though, so the dish itself has to be delicious and well made, and the chilies need to enhance rather than obscure the flavors within. You aren’t going to see me judging jalapeno eating contests any time soon. I’d much rather be slurping up Thai noodles and curries at Chiang Mai.

Restaurant Review: Delish Deli

Jul 27, 2012

I have been curious about the new Delish Deli at Food For Thought since they opened a few months ago. Food for Thought is a locally owned natural food store that’s been in business since 1971, so they know what they are doing in the healthy food department.

Restaurant Review: Lalo's

Jul 13, 2012

Oh, tacos! They are one of nature’s most perfect foods. I love just about everything about them. I’m talking about authentic Mexican soft corn tacos filled with earthy meats, not the crispy fried fast food ones (although there’s nothing wrong with those, either). I just adore those soft corn tortillas, the drippy sauces, the wonderful, rich meat fillings, and little squirt of lime that cuts all the richness and balances the whole.

Tomato Time!

Jun 29, 2012
Rachael & Zane Ross / Flickr

Last year was a miserable year for gardeners and produce lovers.  Everything dried up and died, dashing our hopes for juicy BLTs, sweet cucumber salads and fried zucchini blossoms. I’m a pathetic gardener and notorious killer of plants, but even master gardeners watched their efforts shrivel up and waste away in the brutal heat.