Kansas Sees Revenue Shortfall In March

Mar 29, 2013

Kansas officials are blaming a shortfall of nearly $57 million in state tax collections in March on delays in federal tax deadlines forced by congressional wrangling on fiscal issues.

Tax Negotiators Begin Meetings

Mar 27, 2013

A select group of lawmakers from the Kansas House and Senate started negotiations on tax legislation Wednesday.

Kan. House, Senate Ready To Negotiate Budget Differences

Mar 25, 2013

The Kansas House and Senate have passed their versions of both budget and tax plans, but there's still plenty of work ahead. The two chambers will now try to smooth out differences between the plans.

Conference committees made up of three members from each chamber will work to find a compromise between the different bills. Both chambers will then consider the compromise legislation.

House Rejects Property Tax Plan

Mar 20, 2013

The Kansas House Wednesday rejected a proposal by Democrats aimed at reducing the property taxes paid by Kansans.

Kan. Senate Could Cut Gov's Budget

Mar 4, 2013
Stephen Koranda / KPR

Leaders in the Kansas Senate say they'll likely pursue cuts to the budget recommended by Gov. Sam Brownback. Senate President Susan Wagle, a Wichita Republican, says their goal is a long-term elimination of the state's income tax.

A Senate committee recently endorsed a plan that would cut income tax rates. To help balance the budget, it would also eliminate the state's tax deduction for mortgage interest and keep the sales tax elevated.

Wagle says to make the budget work, they will need to make more cuts.

Sales Tax Proposal Faces Challenge In KS House

Feb 18, 2013

The Kansas Senate could vote on Gov. Sam Brownback's tax proposal this week, but it is unclear if the provision that cuts income tax rates can pass the House.

To balance the budget, the bill would eliminate some income tax deductions and keep the sales tax elevated. But Speaker Ray Merrick, a Stilwell Republican, says House members are cool to keeping the sales tax.

“Of course we’re a long way from the finish, and the finish changes a lot of thinking, but right now I don’t see a lot of appetite out here to retain the sales tax,” he says.

Sales tax proposal faces challenge in Kansas House; House leaders disagree over use of ending balance; Kansans set Guinness World Record.

Sales Tax Proposal Faces Challenge In KS House

The Kansas Senate could vote on Gov. Sam Brownback's tax proposal this week, but some are questioning whether one of its main provisions can pass the House.


House Leaders Disagree On Using State's Ending Balance

Senate Committee Approves Gov. Brownback's Tax Plan

Feb 12, 2013

The Kansas Senate Assessment and Taxation committee endorsed most of Gov.  Sam Brownback's tax plan Tuesday.  The committee spent fewer than 10 minutes discussing the governor's proposals before approving the bill.  The legislation could move to the full senate for debate next week.

Gov. Brownback wants to phase out personal income taxes in Kansas over the next four years. The committee kept the governor's call to balance the tax cuts by making a temporary sales tax hike permanent. However, they cut his proposal to eliminate an income tax deduction for property taxes on homes.

Bill Bars Use Of Tax Dollars to Lobby KS Legislature

Feb 12, 2013
Stephen Koranda

Supporters and opponents of a bill that would bar local governments and public entities from spending tax dollars on lobbying gathered Monday.

The bill would affect the abilities of cities, counties and universities to support or oppose legislation and make it a crime to spend public money on lobbying.

Manhattan Mayor Loren Pepperd says lobbying helped them get an airport, and allows them to stay on top of what’s happening in Topeka.

He says he talks to their local lawmakers, but that’s not enough.

Panel to debate Gov's tax plan; Bill would bar public entities and governments from using tax dollars to lobby; Bill would ban sex-selective abortions.

Kansas Senate Panel To Debate Gov's Tax Proposals

Gov. Sam Brownback's tax plan is facing a crucial early test of its support among Kansas legislators.