4:00 pm
Thu April 30, 2015

WSU Hosts Technology And Innovation Brainstorming Session With Government Agencies

Credit Deborah Shaar

Federal and state program managers from 14 agencies stopped at Wichita State University Thursday to spread the word about $2.5 billion in available technology funding. KMUW’s Deborah Shaar reports.

The federal representatives described the processes, tips and success stories for getting early stage projects funded.

The funding is being provided through the federal Small Business Innovation Research program, as well as the Small Business Technology program.

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12:30 pm
Tue January 28, 2014

OnWords: Because Science!

Credit The Rocketeer / Flickr / Creative Commons

Those of us tuned in to social media have probably run across someone using a term like “because science” to explain something factual or amazing or both.

But “science” is often used when we really mean “technology.”

To see the difference, look at your cell phone. It’s a neat little bit of technology, but how often do we think about the science behind it? More to the point, how many of us really care?

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