Abigail Wilson / KMUW

Kansas’ largest personal computer manufacturer has pledged a gift valued at $2.5 million to provide computers, monitors and five years of desktop support for the engineering department at Wichita State University.

Sean Sandefur / KMUW

Doctors across the country currently face a challenge: How do you track a patient once they’ve left your office? Sometimes what seems like minor pain can turn into an emergency situation, which might have been avoided if it had been caught early. Local physicians who provide care to the elderly say the key is daily monitoring--and because it’s the 21st century, why not use technology? KMUW’s Sean Sandefur reports on how smart watches could be the answer.

Luke Runyon / Harvest Publice Media

A new report finds farms are getting better internet access. But as Harvest Public Media’s Luke Runyon reports, a large percentage of farms still can’t connect to the web.

One big impediment is infrastructure. In rural areas of the Midwest there are huge swathes without any internet connectivity. Federal communications officials say more than half of all rural Americans lack fast, reliable broadband internet connections.

Lu Nelsen at the Center for Rural Affairs says the lack of access just deepens the urban-rural divide.

microsoftsweden / Flickr / Creative Commons

E3 is the gaming industry’s biggest trade show of the year, and it’s where all the big developers show the press and the public what we can expect out of them for the next 12 months. This year’s announcements really caught my attention.

Deborah Shaar

Federal and state program managers from 14 agencies stopped at Wichita State University Thursday to spread the word about $2.5 billion in available technology funding. KMUW’s Deborah Shaar reports.

The federal representatives described the processes, tips and success stories for getting early stage projects funded.

The funding is being provided through the federal Small Business Innovation Research program, as well as the Small Business Technology program.

OnWords: Because Science!

Jan 28, 2014
The Rocketeer / Flickr / Creative Commons

Those of us tuned in to social media have probably run across someone using a term like “because science” to explain something factual or amazing or both.

But “science” is often used when we really mean “technology.”

To see the difference, look at your cell phone. It’s a neat little bit of technology, but how often do we think about the science behind it? More to the point, how many of us really care?