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FlightSafety International is suing 20 aviation companies connected to a small plane that crashed into a FlightSafety building in 2014.

The pilot and three people in the building were killed in the crash.

Textron Aviation

The Department of Commerce and Textron Aviation have reached an agreement that will support hundreds of millions of dollars of investment in new product development and production in Wichita.

The company plans to build its next business jet, the Citation Longitude, at the Textron Aviation facilities in Wichita. The agreement will also support Textron Aviation’s future product development of turboprop aircraft and the new interior manufacturing facility in Wichita.

Textron Aviation To Cut 575 Jobs In Kansas

Apr 23, 2014
D. Miller / Flickr / Creative Commons

A total of 750 employees of the newly created Textron Aviation were told on Wednesday morning that they are to be laid off. The announcement came in the form of letters sent to employees. The bulk of the cuts—575—will be to salaried and hourly employees currently working in Wichita and Independence, Kan. The layoffs will take place over the next 60 days.

This decision was not unexpected – after Textron Inc. acquired Beechcraft for $1.4 billion last month, the company formed Textron Aviation, which includes Cessna. Textron Aviation is now consolidating the two companies.

Civic leaders in Wichita are expressing optimism following the sale of one of the community's linchpin aviation companies to a competitor.