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Beginning Wednesday, portable traffic signs will be placed in high-volume shopping areas in Wichita to remind people to be aware of the possibility of increased incidents of theft and vandalism during the holiday season.

The portable traffic message signs--often seen in construction zones and throughout the city's shopping areas--will warn shoppers to “Hide Your Items, Take your Keys, Lock Your Vehicle."

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Mike Berners-Lee may not be an expert on the American Thanksgiving. A native of the UK, he’s never actually had the pleasure of experiencing one. But as one of the world’s leading researchers on the carbon footprint of—well—everything (he even wrote a book subtitled “The Carbon Footprint of Everything”), he’s plenty familiar with the impacts of the foods that star in the traditional Thanksgiving Day spread.

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This Thanksgiving, vegans and vegetarians in Wichita are finding savory alternatives to turkey.

Local vegetarian and vegan expert Dianne Waltner hasn't eaten meat in more than 25 years. Waltner says tofurkey, instead of turkey, is an old standby that she likes--but some don’t. She says other options include a holiday plant-based roast that comes with gravy, as well as a cranberry-hazelnut roast in a puff pastry.

"That is really wonderful!" she says. "That's one that we are going to be having for Thanksgiving."

Cheap Thanksgiving Turkey Despite Bird Flu

Nov 24, 2015
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Despite the bird flu epidemic that devastated Midwest turkey farmers this spring, the price of a turkey this Thanksgiving could be a little cheaper than last year.

The USDA’s most recent numbers show that this year’s turkeys are ringing up one cent less per pound. That’s a shock given the bird flu outbreak that tore through flocks in Minnesota and Iowa this spring.

John Anderson, chief economist at the American Farm Bureau Federation, says avian influenza hit a select group of farmers.

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Ahead of the holiday, 1500 Thanksgiving food boxes are set to be given away Saturday by a church in west Wichita.

Central Community Church will open up their parking lot for motorists to pick up Thanksgiving dinner. Last year the church distributed a thousand boxes--this year, even more. Missions Pastor Aaron Varner says it’s a way for the church to be a blessing to the community, and everyone is welcome.

Thanksgiving: A Time For Food, Family And Myths

Nov 26, 2014
Sean Sandefur

This piece originally aired Nov. 26, 2014.

Families across the country all have different traditions for Thanksgiving. It could be a special recipe for cranberry sauce or an honorary turkey carver.

In many schools, you can also count on hearing the story of the First Thanksgiving—a harvest celebration shared by pilgrims and native populations nearly 400 years ago. KMUW’s Sean Sandefur looks at the history of this holiday and has this report.

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During the past few years, the holiday shopping season has undergone a dramatic transformation.


Most of us are familiar with Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, but what happens when these two traditions fall on the same day? You got it: Thanksgivukkah.

Boston marketing specialist Dana Gitell coined the term when she realized the holidays overlap. The Jewish Boston organization jumped on the idea and has been the ringleader in the Internet frenzy of hybrid-holiday madness, starting with Thanksgivukkah Boston.

For whatever reason this time of year seems particularly sparse when it comes to screenings, so I usually take this time to talk about movies about food and family. Thanksgiving movies. And I guess this time I’ll still talk about movies that are kind of about food, but they’re coming from a very different place.

No screenings over the next few weeks, so, instead, Fletcher Powell takes a look at a couple of his favorite "food" movies for Thanksgiving.