University of Kansas Hospital

University of Kansas Hospital

The University of Kansas Hospital denies allegations by a patient that it wrongly diagnosed her with pancreatic cancer and then covered it up.

In an answer filed this week, the hospital says that many of the allegations made by Wendy Ann Noon Berner “reference undisputable hearsay and speculation, and many would arguably constitute defamation” if they were not part of a lawsuit.

The hospital’s 18-page answer broadly disputes Berner’s allegations of malpractice and cover-up, and terms many of them “vague and ambiguous.”

University of Kansas Hospital

Two Kansas hospitals earned spots on U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Hospitals” list.

U.S. News ranked The University of Kansas Hospital best in the state and Stormont Vail Hospital in Topeka second best.

Bob Page, president and CEO of KU Hospital, says the ranking is a tribute to KU’s consistency.

“This is once again a testament to our ability to not be the one-hit wonder, but rather be the organization that year in, year out, is very consistent with its performance,” Page says.

University of Kansas Hospital

The once-anonymous patient at the center of a whistleblower action filed against KU Hospital by one of its own pathologists is now suing the hospital herself for fraud, negligence and civil conspiracy.

Extending its growing reach in Kansas, the University of Kansas Hospital has finalized its agreement to partner with Hays Medical Center in the northwest part of the state.

In September, the two institutions signed a letter of intent to join forces, with HaysMed maintaining its name and separate ownership structure.

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The University of Kansas Hospital and Hays Medical Center announced Wednesday they’ve signed a letter of intent to join forces as partners.

The partnership builds on a relationship established nearly three years ago when the two institutions combined to treat heart and stroke patients in western Kansas.

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Three Kansas City hospitals earned national bragging rights in U.S. News & World Report’s latest hospital rankings.

The University of Kansas Hospital was nationally ranked in 11 adult specialties, Children’s Mercy Hospital was nationally ranked in 10 pediatric specialties and Saint Luke’s Hospital was nationally ranked in four adult specialties.

The three were the only hospitals in the metro to receive national recognition in U.S. News’ 27th annual Best Hospitals rankings.

University of Kansas Hospital

An explosive lawsuit filed by a KU Hospital doctor says the head of the hospital’s pathology department wrongly diagnosed a patient with cancer and then covered up the mistake.

The lawsuit was filed by Dr. Lowell Tilzer, who previously headed KU’s pathology department. Tilzer says because of the misdiagnosis, a vital organ of the patient was removed. Afterward, he says, other pathologists found the organ to be normal. He says the head pathologist then altered hospital records to make it appear two other pathologists concurred with her diagnosis.

The University of Kansas Hospital is teaming up with 14 small hospitals and medical centers in the western part of the state to make improvements to rural health care.

A three-year, $12.5 million grant from the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Innovation Center has enabled the hospital to create the Kansas Heart and Stroke Collaborative, the Lawrence Journal-World reports.

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Doctors at the University of Kansas Hospital expect a three-week-old girl to make a full recovery after they closed an aneurysm in her brain…using super glue.

Jared and Gina Julian knew there was something wrong with their three-week-old daughter, Ashlyn, when she suddenly began screaming.

Her mother says "She was very stiff, and then very rag-doll limp. And then... not super responsive." Later that night after Ashlyn threw up a second time, her parents went to Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.