Wichita Public Schools

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Wichita Public Schools Superintendent and Board of Education members will kick off National School Lunch Week Monday by trying out the new "Build Your Own Lunch" program at an area middle school.

Superintendent John Allison and board members will go through the meal lines at Wichita's Hamilton Middle School and eat lunch with students in their new cafeteria to celebrate improvements to school menus and food presentation.

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Each year, Wichita Public Schools face a familiar challenge: meeting the needs of thousands of homeless students.

Each case is different—some families are living with relatives, and some are living out of their car. To address the issue, the district relies on the federal government’s McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance program. As KMUW’s Sean Sandefur reports, it can bring a level of normalcy to an otherwise chaotic situation.

Sean Sandefur

The Wichita Public School District has recently asked the state for additional funding to help with an influx of young refugees. These students often require years of tutoring before they’re ready to join the rest of the student body, but the district’s budget is tight. KMUW’s Sean Sandefur visited a Wichita elementary school to see how students, teachers and administrators are doing.

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USD 259 Wichita Public Schools began preliminary talks Monday night about the budget for the upcoming school year.

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Over the past decade, Kansas has cut 25 percent of its public school librarians. In many schools, librarians are being replaced by media clerks, who are paid hourly wages and may lack teaching credentials. School administrators say the cuts are due to a number of departments competing for limited dollars left in the budget. KMUW’s Sean Sandefur reports.

Wichita Public Schools

Governor Sam Brownback announced on Thursday that he was cutting funding for Kansas public schools at rate of 1.5 percent. That means a reduction of $28 million in funding across the board. KMUW’s Sean Sandefur reports how this might affect Wichita Public Schools…

The statewide cuts will take effect on March 7.

Wichita School Board President Sheril Logan says her district must clear $3 million from their budget, and they’ll need to do it quickly.

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Nearly 22 thousand Wichita Public School students have been enrolled so far online, before school starts in August. Schools are also open for in person enrollment through Thursday night.

Wichita Public Schools

Despite the wind chill advisory in affect for the Wichita area today and unseasonably low temperatures, classes for Wichita Public Schools are still set to resume today (Jan 6.)

USD 259 officials are asking students to bundle up extra warmly, and asking parents to expect delays on school bus routes throughout the day.

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There is now a new mobile app to help connect parents, students and community members to Wichita Public Schools. In a release Monday, the district said the goal of the new app is to streamline information about students and schools.

Users of the app will have the ability to keep up with news from the school district and their school, calendars, ParentLink notifications, student grades and attendance, My Payment Plus and Speak Up.

School nurses in Wichita have been notifying parents that their kids can't go to school if they're not up to date on their required immunizations.