Wichita Public Schools

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Students across Kansas joined their peers elsewhere in the country by walking out of school Wednesday and into the national debate over guns.

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Wichita Public Schools is opening a new school for struggling students.

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Students can now use cell phones in Wichita public schools, but it's up to teachers and administrators to decide when.

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Wichita's school board met Monday night to work on what goals to focus on for the district's strategic plan.

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Alayna Nelson, a sophomore at Wichita Northwest High School, grew up hearing stories of repeated mass shootings on the news.

“Every single time this happened I always wanted to do something about it,” Nelson said.

Now, Nelson and other students in her generation are taking action against gun violence.

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Coleman Middle School Principal Eric Filippi says he was blind to all the different ways drugs can be concealed and the variety of forms that they can take.

“I did not think of it as something that can be put into a spray bottle and be sprayed on food,” Filippi says.

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A focus on both college and career readiness. More investment in resources and staff. Helping students develop mentally and socially -- not just academically.

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Wichita’s school board on Monday unanimously approved a new 190-day school year -- 15 days longer than the current calendar.

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Wichita’s school board will add four new members this week -- including its first Hispanic member.

Wichita Public Schools

Tiffinie Irving, Wichita Public Schools' first deputy superintendent in more than a decade, starts her new position on Tuesday.

Superintendent Alicia Thompson sent a message to Wichita Public Schools' staff saying the deputy superintendent position was needed to address concerns.