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12:30 pm
Thu August 28, 2014

80 Mustangs Die After Move To Scott City

Fury and her mare buddies at the Flint Hills ranch, Feb. 2014 - This summer they were removed to the Scott City feed lot. Eighty of them perished.
Credit Aileen LeBlanc



You may remember a story that we did in February called "Wild Horses of the Flint Hills." It was a story of thousands of wild mustangs which were roaming almost free in vast ranches in the Flint Hills near Cassoday, Kansas. They originally came from the open ranges of the West and they were brought here because of over crowding. They are managed by the United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

When we were there in February, the horses were all looking healthy--even a little plump. And now, 80 of them are dead.

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11:33 pm
Sun April 27, 2014

The Wild Horses Of The Flint Hills

Mustangs at breakfast on the Triple 7 Ranch.
Credit Aileen LeBlanc

The wild horses of the west are being managed by the federal government with 71 million tax dollars. Some people believe that the herds are growing too large and that the horses are over populating the western public lands, taking up resources that could be used for cattle, wildlife and recreation use. But extra feral horses can't be shot or slaughtered and few are adopted. So thousands are shipped to the Midwest for safekeeping on large ranches. KMUW's Aileen LeBlanc visited a herd of wild mustangs in the Flint Hills near Cassoday.

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