winter storms

City Of Wichita / Twitter

Wichita road crews are restocking their supplies of salt and sand following this weekend's winter storm.

The above-freezing temperatures in Wichita brought more rain than ice over the weekend, so city road crews used fewer supplies than anticipated.

Public Works Director Alan King says with no heavy ice or snow-covered roads to clear, the crews went through about a quarter of their stockpile of salt and sand. He says the supplies will be back at full capacity this week.


The National Weather Service says there’s the potential of a winter ice storm across much of Kansas starting Friday night and into the weekend.

Meteorologist Vanessa Pearce says to expect some freezing rain which could turn into ice, especially on elevated surfaces.

"The ice accumulations could be a quarter to a half of an inch on those elevated surfaces, especially tree limbs, power lines, overpasses and bridges, as well as some of the surface objects, streets, sidewalks and parking lots, depending on what the temperatures ends up being," Pearce says.

Wichita Public Schools

Despite the wind chill advisory in affect for the Wichita area today and unseasonably low temperatures, classes for Wichita Public Schools are still set to resume today (Jan 6.)

USD 259 officials are asking students to bundle up extra warmly, and asking parents to expect delays on school bus routes throughout the day.

Gov. Sam Brownback is praising state emergency, law enforcement and highway officials for their "all hands on deck" response to the recent snow storms.