The Wonder Revolution

Justine Nordine

Musicians Ben Hunt, Sam Hake and David Lord have teamed up for a new album, one that draws from some unusual sources.

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David Lord and Les Easterby are two of the most recognizable names in Wichita music. Lord cut his teeth in the jazz-rock band Solagget and more recently The Wonder Revolution while Easterby worked his way through a number of bands including And Academy, The World Palestine and, more recently, The World Palindrome.

The old friends saw a lot of each other while Easterby was working on the latest World Palindrome recording and, Lord says, that’s when their first collaboration, The Wonder Revolution’s WOW, began.

The Wonder Revolution

David Lord, guitarist and founder of Wichita’s The Wonder Revolution, explains that the project is more than just a band-- it’s a state of mind and a lifestyle. 

In addition to writing music, Lord explains that he’s also a longtime fiction writer and photographer. All of his artistic work, he says, had this in common: