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There is a lot of gaming to be had in Wichita, with our excellent tabletop gaming stores, a video gaming bar and multiple board game events all over town, but sometimes you have to travel away from home to find unique gaming experiences.

Gateway Games

Mar 26, 2015
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There are hundreds of practically unknown board games available that are incredibly fun to play, but have fairly complex rules. I love playing them, but it’s hard to get my friends interested in playing.

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Normally, when I have friends over to play games, I break out board games or card games, but there are also a bunch of video games that are great for parties - Fibbage, Just Dance, Wii Sports, and of course the Mario Party series. My favorite party game ever, though, is Rock Band.

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Last night I had five friends over to my house. We sat around my table, armed with pencils, paper and 20-sided dice. We were getting ready to play Dungeons and Dragons, the new fifth edition release.

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I keep a bunch of old game consoles hooked up at home to play some of my classic games, and most often recently I’ve found myself reaching for my Super Nintendo.

Yoshi’s Island is actually a prequel to all of the other Mario games. You play the game as a family of little green dinosaurs called "Yoshis," taking baby Mario home after a botched kidnapping. If you get hit by something in the game, Mario falls off your back and starts crying, and you have to get him back before the kidnappers take him away again.

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When I play my Nintendo 3DS, I almost never use the 3D feature. It’s really cool-- it lets you see the game in 3D without having to wear 3D glasses like you do at the movie theater. But the field of view where it works is very narrow. If you shift your hands even slightly, like you would if, say, you’re playing a video game, the 3D effect breaks and everything on the screen gets very blurry.

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Back in 1998, a couple kids in Spokane, Wash. started a webcomic called Penny Arcade. It became incredibly popular, and from that, they were able to start a yearly expo for gaming and gamers. So, in 2004, they had the first Penny Arcade Expo, also known as PAX.

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2014 was a great year for gaming. We saw some fantastic games like Transistor, Mario Kart 8, and Super Smash Bros.

The Gift of Gaming

Dec 24, 2014
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Every couple of weeks, we hear from KMUW commentator Sam McConnell, reviews games on his Your Move segment-- video games, board games, whatever he's into at the time. And if you've ever met Sam, it sometimes seems like gaming is just in his blood.

Well, it turns out that it kind of is, which we found out recently when Sam sat down to have a conversation with the person who might have influenced his love of games more than anyone else-- his mom.

Hear Sam's conversation with his mom, Benita Baker:

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With everyone home for the holidays, Christmas time is a great time to break out games to play with the whole family around.