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Sean Sandefur

Thanksgiving: A Time For Food, Family And Myths

This piece originally aired Nov. 26, 2014. Families across the country all have different traditions for Thanksgiving. It could be a special recipe for cranberry sauce or an honorary turkey carver. In many schools, you can also count on hearing the story of the First Thanksgiving—a harvest celebration shared by pilgrims and native populations nearly 400 years ago. KMUW’s Sean Sandefur looks at the history of this holiday and has this report.
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Hugo Phan

The 2015 Air Capital Comic-Con took place earlier this month and KMUW 's Hugo Phan was there to capture the celebration of all things geek and nerd. 

Bryan Thompson

Kansas lawmakers are considering how to defend the state against cyberattacks or data theft. One possible change would consolidate all the state’s IT security into one agency. As KPR’s Stephen Koranda reports, a state panel held a closed-door meeting on security issues this week.

Rep. Brett Hildabrand says consolidating the services will likely mean a cost savings. He says it could also create a consistent standard for IT security in Kansas agencies.

J. Schafer

President Obama wants the United States to accept refugees who are fleeing the violence in Syria and Iraq. Congress opposes this plan, as do most governors, including Kansas Governor Sam Brownback. Some churches are taking a different stand. Last week, the United Methodist Church said its congregations in Kansas and Nebraska were willing to sponsor Syrian families. Meanwhile, Catholic church leaders in Kansas issued a statement of support for Syrian refugees, but also provided a word of caution.

Area Girl Scouts stopped by the KMUW studios a couple of weeks ago to participate in the Radio Day program. They interviewed each other, recording their Thanksgiving memories. We think they did a great job and should wear their Radio Day badges proudly. Here’s a sample from that day…



Michael F., flickr Creative Commons

Beginning Wednesday, portable traffic signs will be placed in high-volume shopping areas in Wichita to remind people to be aware of the possibility of increased incidents of theft and vandalism during the holiday season.

The portable traffic message signs--often seen in construction zones and throughout the city's shopping areas--will warn shoppers to “Hide Your Items, Take your Keys, Lock Your Vehicle."

Sean Sandefur File Photo

The city of Wichita is preparing for some iffy weather coming up just in time for the Thanksgiving holidays.

It all starts with drizzle and rain as a cold front drops into south central Kansas. Rain is expected to turn to sleet and freezing rain through Friday.

The National Weather Service has issued a winter advisory. The worst of the system is expected to reach the Flint Hills by Friday morning. An accumulation of a quarter of an inch of ice is possible.

The Wichita Public Works Department is standing by with 61 plows equipped with sand and salt spreaders.

Kansas Bureau of Investigation

Authorities say the Kansas Bureau of Investigation is investigating a matter involving a south-central Kansas police department.

Harvey County Attorney David Yoder says KBI agents visited the Halstead Police Department on Monday. Yoder says he asked for KBI assistance recently after receiving information about the police department that warranted further checking from an outside agency.

Yoder says he can't comment on the nature of the investigation because it's ongoing.

With Black Friday almost upon us, KMUW's Jedd Beaudoin, Fletcher Powell and Hugo Phan discuss their favorite movies about greed, excess and consumerism.

Daran Herrman

The Oklahoma music scene is as is vibrant today as it has ever been thanks to a group of young bands that blur the lines between country, rock and Americana. KMUW's Jedd Beaudoin spoke to a founding member of one of those bands, a musician who says that the audience for this brand of music continues to grow.

Stephen Koranda

Attorneys for the state say it’s up to lawmakers and the governor to decide if Kansas is spending enough money on education. They made that argument in a filing before the Kansas Supreme Court. As KPR’s Stephen Koranda reports, at issue is whether the Kansas is spending enough to satisfy the state’s Constitution.



Open Road Films

'Spotlight' is Devoted to Reality

Spotlight is a first-rate newspaper movie about how the Boston Globe brought out the story of priests molesting children, and I can only hope it has not destroyed its box-office possibilities by being too devoted to reality.
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Abigail Wilson

Report: KS Dept. Of Corrections Faces Prison Overcrowding, Offenders With Behavioral Health Issues

The Kansas Department of Corrections released its annual report this week. The report says the KDOC faced a number of ongoing challenges, including prison overcrowding an increasing number of offenders with behavioral health issues.
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