welfare benefits http://kmuw.org en State Concerned About Welfare Benefits Being Spent On Gambling And Liquor http://kmuw.org/post/state-concerned-about-welfare-benefits-being-spent-gambling-and-liquor <p>The Kansas Department for Children and Families has announced a new initiative to cut down on and detect illegal use of state welfare benefits.&nbsp;<br><br>DCF Secretary Phyllis Gilmore says her department has hired additional staff to root-out fraud.<br><br>“We now have a director, full-time, devoted to anti-fraud efforts," she said. "There’s a chief investigator, two hotline administrative assistants and 16 fraud special investigators across the state.”<br> Mon, 20 May 2013 11:42:02 +0000 Stephen Koranda 17494 at http://kmuw.org