Mitzi McFatrich en KS Nursing Home Watchdog Cites Atchison Among Top Performers <p>The Dooley Center, in Atchison, has not been cited for a single violation the past three years. Mitzi McFatrich, who heads Kansas Advocates for Better Care, says 20 have had five or fewer deficiencies in the last three years.</p><p>“None of them are citations that are related to actual harm of a resident, immediate jeopardy of a resident, or mistreatment of a resident,” McFatrich said.</p> Thu, 13 Feb 2014 16:12:17 +0000 Bryan Thompson 30204 at Watchdog: KS Nursing Home Requirements Too Weak <p>A nursing home watchdog group says Kansas nursing home residents would benefit from increased requirements for direct care from nurses and nurse-aides in nursing homes. Current regulations require adequate staffing to provide each resident a minimum of two hours of direct care daily.<br> Wed, 11 Sep 2013 12:25:12 +0000 Bryan Thompson 23260 at