evolution http://kmuw.org en State Officials Back New Science Standards Despite Lawsuit http://kmuw.org/post/state-officials-back-new-science-standards-despite-lawsuit <p>Kansas education officials are committed to using new science standards in public schools, despite a federal lawsuit attempting to block them.</p><p>The State Board of Education and the State Department of Education are defending the multistate standards, which the board adopted in June after two years of consideration.</p><p>Parents and a non-profit group filed a lawsuit last week, criticizing the way the standards treat evolution.</p><p>The guidelines say that evolution is a well-established scientific theory.</p> Mon, 30 Sep 2013 12:34:59 +0000 Associated Press 24149 at http://kmuw.org Lawsuit Says New Science Standards Violate Religious Freedom http://kmuw.org/post/lawsuit-says-new-science-standards-violate-religious-freedom <p></p><p>An anti-evolution group has filed a federal lawsuit to block Kansas from using new, multistate science standards in its public schools. Fri, 27 Sep 2013 09:49:18 +0000 Associated Press 24028 at http://kmuw.org