The University of Kansas Student Senate has voted to support a series of demands aimed at making the campus more inclusive.

The resolution says the Student Senate supports the goals of Rock Chalk Invisible Hawk, a student group pushing for more racial equality on campus. The group's 15 demands range from permanently banning concealed weapons on campus to hiring a new director of multicultural affairs.

Katherine Rainey, with Rock Chalk Invisible Hawk, explained the demands before the Student Senate, including the call for a separate multicultural student government.

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Some Midwest crop farmers are receiving their first government payments under the new farm bill enacted last year. As Harvest Public Media’s Amy Mayer reports, taxpayers are spending more than projected.

With the new farm bill, farmers choose a safety-net program—one based on average yield or on crop prices.

The Kansas Board of Regents has discussed the issue of racial tension on university campuses amid heightened conversation at the University of Kansas.

The Lawrence Journal-World reports the topic was brought up by University of Kansas student body president Jessie Pringle, who was threatened to be ousted along with two other officers last week for what critics called their lack of response to diversity complaints.

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Leaders of the Student Senate at the University of Kansas made the case to keep their jobs Wednesday night, but the impeachment process is now underway. The turmoil is in response to claims of racism and discrimination at KU.

The Executive Committee of the Senate called for the president, vice president and chief of staff to resign or face possible impeachment. Student Body President Jessie Pringle told the Senate that she would stay in her post.

Spirit Aerosystems

Spirit AeroSystems announced its plans to provide more than $570,000 of scholarship support to selected students at Wichita State University, the University of Kansas, and Kansas State University.

In all, Spirit is funding 18 scholarships across three universities. There are 12 scholarships available at Wichita State University and three each at KU and K-State. In addition, one scholarship will be earmarked for a student coming out of the Upward Bound Math Science program at Wichita State University.

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Attorneys who filed a federal lawsuit seeking to overturn a Kansas voter registration law are seeking to make the suit a class action.

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Longtime Wichita State University athletic director Eric Sexton is officially moving out of athletics and into his new role as vice president of Student Affairs.

University officials say the change has been in the works for some time. Sexton has held the title of Athletic Director since 2008, but was also named vice president of Student Affairs back in April.

Holding those two titles simultaneously made some students uncomfortable.


Updated Thursday at 4:35 p.m. with response from CAIR-Kansas.

Sedgwick County Commissioner Karl Peterjohn used the last part of today’s commission meeting to offer a warning to residents: That Muslims are a threat, and residents should, he says, “be prepared.”

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Top prosecutors in three states reportedly being assessed as potential future homes for Guantanamo Bay detainees are imploring the Obama administration not to send the prisoners to their states.

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Kansas lawmakers are scrutinizing the state’s foster care system. As Heartland Health Monitor’s Jim McLean reports, the review was prompted by reports about children who died in the system.

Democrats in the Kansas Legislature pushed for an investigation of the state’s foster care system last summer following the deaths of two young children. A four-year-old boy was beaten to death in Hiawatha. And a Wichita infant died in a hot car after being forgotten by her foster parents.