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More than 150 same-sex couples got married in Kansas last year. That's out of 17,000 marriages, statewide, in 2014. The numbers come from a new report issued by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. 

Equality Kansas Executive Director Thomas Witt says same-sex couples only had a short window in 2014 to get married.

Coupled with the fact that not all counties were issuing licenses, Witt says the number of same-sex marriages is impressive.

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Recent regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency that would extend the organization’s power to protect water resources have been put on hold. A number of states, including Kansas, have asked the EPA to reconsider the new rules.

The "waters of the U.S." rules were announced back in May. They would significantly broaden the definition of what water sources the federal government can deem protected from pollution and development. The EPA says the regulations are necessary to ensure clean drinking water.

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No charges will be filed against Wichita police officers involved in a shootout last year that left an 18-year-old man dead.

Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett says the three officers acted in an “objective, reasonable manner” in defending themselves against Jeffrey Holden.

A 26-page report by Bennett’s office provides details on the October 2014 incident and investigation. Photos and surveillance video were used to piece together the events.

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Recently released reports show that 154 same-sex couples wed in Kansas during a volatile period in late 2014, months before the U.S. Supreme Court's landmark ruling that legalized the unions nationwide.

Newly compiled data from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment show that those unions made up less than 1 percent of the 17,655 marriages statewide in 2014. The agency says marriage data so far for 2015 isn't yet available.

A statistical summary published every year by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment shows a glimmer of progress last year on a long-standing health disparity between black and white Kansans—the death rate for babies in their first year of life. Heartland Health Monitor’s Bryan Thompson has details.

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Four judges who sued Kansas over the Legislature's move to defund the state judiciary's budget voluntarily withdrew their lawsuit Thursday after the state moved it to federal court, and they instead plan to file new claims in district court.

The latest legal maneuvering comes in response to the state's move earlier this week that landed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Topeka, arguing it contained some federal due process claims.

Each week, Fletcher Powell finds the independent and non-commercial films showing in Wichita and the surrounding areas and brings them to you in this handy guide.

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Musicians Ben Hunt, Sam Hake and David Lord have teamed up for a new album, one that draws from some unusual sources.

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Doctors across the country currently face a challenge: How do you track a patient once they’ve left your office? Sometimes what seems like minor pain can turn into an emergency situation, which might have been avoided if it had been caught early. Local physicians who provide care to the elderly say the key is daily monitoring--and because it’s the 21st century, why not use technology? KMUW’s Sean Sandefur reports on how smart watches could be the answer.

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The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has agreed to issue birth certificates for two same-sex couples.

In both cases, the women had children through artificial insemination.

Kansas law says a married couple can both be listed on the birth certificate for a child born through artificial insemination, but KDHE initially declined to list two women as the parents.

KDHE spokesperson Sara Belfry says they issued the certificates after reviewing applicable laws and court orders. She says they will issue birth certificates in the future to same-sex couples.