Bob Dole Emphasizes Care For Veterans As Tour Visits Wichita

May 14, 2014

Former Senator Bob Dole spoke to a crowd of about 200 supporters at Wichita State University on Wednesday morning. Dole is touring many parts of Kansas to say 'thank you' for years of support. 

The longtime politician and decorated WWII veteran is 90 years old. He spoke for about 30 minutes on  division in the Republican Party and reaching across the political aisle.

He also spoke about taking care of our veterans.

In 2002, Wichita named its veterans hospital Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center. He said with that honor comes responsibility.

Supporters line up to shake the hand of Bob Dole, who was born in Russell, KS in 1923. He spent nearly three decades representing Kansas in the U.S. Senate.
Credit Sean Sandefur

“If they don’t get good treatment in Wichita they write me a letter, which says, ‘your name is on that place, I want you to help me out,'" Dole said. "But I’ve only had, I think, four letters in all the past several years, so it demonstrates to me that the care must be very good here, and I think it is.”

Dole added that the recent allegations of an Arizona VA hospital concealing long waiting times for its patients, is unacceptable.

Dole will finish his tour of Kansas with visits to Topeka and Kansas City on Thursday.

For KMUW News, I’m Sean Sandefur.