Cosmosphere Loans Out The Liberty Bell 7 Space Capsule For Exhibit In Germany

Apr 8, 2014

The Liberty Bell 7 Space Capsule.
Credit Shadowgwm, flickr Creative Commons

The Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center in Hutchinson will soon launch the Liberty Bell 7 space capsule on a trip to Germany.

The capsule will leave the Cosmosphere in August to be part of an exhibit in Bonn, Germany from October to February of next year.

The Cosmosphere is planning an exhibit in May that will showcase the artifacts from Gus Grissom’s 15-minute suborbital space flight on the Bell in 1961.

The Liberty Bell sank in the Atlantic Ocean after Grissom’s flight.

It was recovered in 1999 by the Cosmosphere’s SpaceWorks team and the Discovery Channel.

Spaceworks restored it, and it has been at the Cosmosphere for eight years.