Drug Testing Bill Awaits Gov's Signature

Apr 2, 2013

If Gov. Brownback signs the bill, some welfare recipients in Kansas will have to submit to drug testing to keep benefits.
Credit Micahb37/Flickr--Creative Commons

Senators have sent a bill to Gov. Sam Brownback's desk that would require Kansas residents who receive welfare and unemployment benefits to submit to drug testing.

The Senate voted 29-9 on Tuesday to accept changes made to the bill by the House last week.

Individuals who receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families benefits will be required to undergo testing and job skills training if there is a reasonable suspicion they are using drugs. People receiving unemployment benefits also would have to undergo drug treatment and job training if they test positive for drug use.

Legislators, the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and certain public safety officials also would be drug tested if there is a reasonable suspicion about their behavior.