Gov. Brownback Vetoes Budget; Lawmakers To Resume Session To Work On Revisions

Apr 28, 2014

Kansas lawmakers will resume their 2014 legislative session this week after a nearly month-long break. Stephen Koranda reports on what they still have left to do...

Lawmakers don't need to pass a full budget this year, because they passed a two-year budget last session. But they do need to finish at least a spending plan for the Kansas Department of Corrections.

That section of the state budget was vetoed by the governor because of cuts in corrections spending.

Lawmakers have already handled the other looming issue this session, a response to a state Supreme Court ruling over education funding.

While the budget work is what legislators have to do, they'll also work on other issues during the so-called veto session. It's a last-ditch time for lawmakers to try to pass bills before they leave for the year.