Kansas Horse Tests Positive For Equine Herpes Virus

Apr 30, 2014

The Kansas Department of Agriculture Division of Animal Health says a horse in northeast Kansas has been confirmed positive with a wild type of non-neurotropic Equine Herpes Virus, or EHV-1.

The affected horse has been euthanized.

This horse had previously been to a large barrel racing event in Lincoln, Nebraska, where in the days following the event, a Wisconsin horse has also been confirmed positive for EHV-1 and euthanized.

Horse owners are encouraged to monitor animals carefully for signs of the disease, to check temperatures twice a day for changes, and implement good biosecurity practices.

The virus is easily spread by airborne transmission and horse-to-horse contact. Caregivers can spread the virus to other horses if their hands, clothing, shoes or vehicles are contaminated.

The neurological form of the disease, including wild strains, is often fatal.