Marginalia: Suzanne Tobias On Reading Challenges

May 26, 2017

Suzanne Tobias, reporter and columnist with The Wichita Eagle, holds a few of her favorite books read for The Wichita Eagle Reading Challenge.
Credit Fernando Salazar/The Wichita Eagle

At the end of December, I was tagged in a Facebook post by Suzanne Tobias, a reporter and columnist for The Wichita Eagle.

Her column that week launched a reading challenge for the new year: 12 books, 12 categories, 12 months.

I thought the challenge sounded interesting, and since I’d been called out publicly, I accepted. Suzanne and I cross paths in a couple of book clubs and at book readings. We both consider ourselves avid readers. But just a few months into the challenge, we discovered we were actually surprised.

Suzanne recently joined me in the studio to discuss how reading challenges can benefit any type of reader. Here's information about The Wichita Eagle Reading Challenge. And here's our conversation:

And if you listened on air, this is what you heard:


That was Suzanne Tobias, reporter and columnist with The Wichita Eagle, and special guest Abby Arthur, discussing The Wichita Eagle Reading Challenge.

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