More Study Sought For Kansas Corporate Farming Laws

Mar 25, 2013

Kansas lawmakers have decided they need more information before making changes to the state's laws that restrict corporate farming.

A Kansas statute limits corporate ownership of farms in the state. Gov. Sam Brownback is looking to overturn it.
Credit Blackburnphoto / Flickr, creative commons

A House committee decided Friday to have a judicial council review the corporate farming statute. A Senate committee, meanwhile, called for a review of the law before the 2014 legislative session.

Gov. Sam Brownback's administration has been pushing to roll back the state's decades-old limits on corporate involvement in farming. Some of the state's biggest agricultural interests, including the Kansas Farm Bureau, are supporting the effort.

Proponents contend removing barriers to investment in large crop and livestock businesses would add fuel to the Kansas economy. But concerns also have been raised about allowing out-of-state ownership of corporate farms and eliminating the ability of counties to block corporate swine and dairy operations.