Restaurant Review: The Anchor

Jan 24, 2014

The Anchor is located at 1109 East Douglas, Wichita Kansas 67211
Credit Hugo Phan

If you haven’t yet been to the Anchor, on the edge of Old Town in Wichita, and you love beer and bar food, you are missing out. The Anchor has been one of my favorite places to meet friends, eat, drink, and hang out for years.

Schane Gross, the powerhouse proprietor, has created a marvelous atmosphere in which to enjoy excellent drinks and interesting food. The bar is dark, with high ceilings, church pews for booths, and keeps the spirit of old Wichita, while adding modern, edgy touches. When you walk in, it feels like you could be in any cool city, anywhere.

The Anchor is known for its amazing beer selection. They have over forty beers on tap, and over 200 different bottles to choose from. Ms. Gross is passionate about beer, and does lots of research to bring a diverse variety of brews for her customers to enjoy.

Last time I was there, I had a raspberry lambic, a fruity, lightly sweet-tart drink with a beautiful fizz . It went perfectly with the house-made black bean veggie burger and sweet potato fries I ordered. My friend had a chocolate stout that was practically a meal in itself.

The food is well-prepared and fresh. It is definitely bar food, but with twists on conventional classics. The Hell Hath No Fury cheesesteak is loaded with grilled jalapenos, onions, pepper jack cheese, and sriracha sauce. It is deliciously messy and not for the weak. The Haystack is a hamburger topped with French fries and drenched in cheese sauce. There is no way to eat this without getting cheese in your hair, but it is worth every calorie.

I love that they are kind to vegetarians, with lots of options if meat is not your thing. Next time you are looking for a fun hangout, give the Anchor a try.