Sen. Roberts Says Bill Would Improve SNAP, Save Money

Mar 6, 2013

Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts has introduced a bill to reform the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps.

Sen. Roberts says the bill would save $36 billion over ten years by eliminating waste, and closing loopholes in the program.

“There were literally billions of dollars in savings that we could find without ever touching the food on the table, or in the kitchen cupboard, for the millions of Americans who rely on this program to help feed their families," he says.

Based on figures from the senator’s news release, the savings would amount to less than half of one per cent of total SNAP spending.

The main cost reductions would come from steps such as tightening the way individual states use programs such as home heating assistance and welfare to expand SNAP enrollment and benefits.

Roberts says some states—including California, the upper Midwest, and Northeastern states—have been abusing those provisions.

The bill would also eliminate matching funds for employment and training programs, and various nutrition education grants. Roberts says the largest share of funding for those programs goes to just four states.