U.S. Senators Discuss Agro-Terrorism Concerns In Roundtable

Aug 18, 2017

With the rising incidence of terrorist attacks in recent years, concern is growing about potential threats to the nation’s food supply. Sponsors of a new federal law to address the risk of agro-terrorism talked with officials about best practices and policies on Friday, Aug. 21, in Kansas City.

It was a roundtable of military, political and academic officials who might find themselves responding to such a threat.

U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri and U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas recently sponsored a bill that directs The Department of Homeland Security to coordinate research, surveillance and response efforts.

Sen. McCaskill says there’s a reason the issue hasn’t gotten much attention.

“Vans killing pedestrians are easy to see," McCaskill says. "Sometimes the threats that maybe might be more dangerous are not immediately visible.”

Roberts emphasized the food supply is safe, but easy global travel and trade pose an increasing risk.