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Kansas Board To Revise Teacher Licensing Rules

Sep 17, 2013

The State Board of Education has voted to require all Kansas teachers renewing their licenses to submit fingerprints for checks against a state criminal database.

Walt Chappell: Kansas Schools Don't Need More Money

Sep 16, 2013

A former member of the Kansas State Board of Education says schools don't need more money and he opposes a school finance suit.

Wichita Republican Walt Chappell submitted an amicus brief to the Kansas Supreme Court this month.

Science Standards Raise Cost Concerns

Apr 16, 2013

Kansas officials involved in drafting new science standards for public schools are trying to reassure the State Board of Education that retraining teachers and buying new classroom materials won't be unusually expensive.

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The Kansas Board of Education could develop a set of recommendations for teaching cursive writing in Kansas schools. The board discussed the issue Wednesday at a meeting in Topeka.

Cursive writing is not required to be taught in Kansas, but some members have heard from their constituents about the issue. 

Education officials surveyed Kansas school districts and 90 percent of the ones that responded said they do teach cursive.

Janet Waugh is a board member from Kansas City, Kan.

Kline hearing in Kansas Supreme Court today; More Kansas families are struggling to make ends meet; Board of Education to consider cursive writing standards.

Kline Ethics Case Before Kansas Supreme Court

The Kansas Supreme Court is preparing to take up an ethics case against former Attorney General Phill Kline over his actions during investigations of abortion providers. The court will hear arguments from attorneys Thursday.

ACT Scores Will Not Be Included In KS Report Card

Oct 18, 2012

Three school districts in Kansas have stopped using the official state assessment tests for student performance. The districts have switched to tests prepared by ACT, which is known for college entrance exams.

The Kansas Board of Education Wednesday voted not to include the ACT test scores in the state’s official report card provided to the federal government. Including the ACT scores would lower the state’s overall grade.

“When we’re discussing assessment results, we can’t compare oranges and apples,” says board member Jana Shaver from Independence.

KS School Board Reviews Science Standards Work

Oct 16, 2012
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State Board of Education members are reviewing the progress of Kansas and other states in drafting common science standards.

The board plans to hear Tuesday afternoon from the state official overseeing work on the standards and from a member of the state’s standards-writing committee.

Kansas is working with 25 other states and the National Research Council on common standards for possible adoption in their public schools.

Half of the Kansas Board of Education’s 10 seats are on the ballot in this year’s elections.  The August 7 primary will most likely settle the race in Wichita’s 8th district. Both Republican candidates say they’re ready to serve.

At a recent forum in Wichita, 70 year old incumbent, Walt Chappell, explained why he’s running for a second 4-year term on the state school board. Chappell told the crowd it’s important to provide relevant education to every child.

The Kansas State Board of Education is supporting three school districts that want to use an alternative to state approved tests.

The schools want to use tests from the group ACT to measure student performance instead of state assessments.

The districts are Clifton - Clyde, McPherson and Kansas City, Kansas.

The districts will have to apply to the federal government for a waiver to use the alternative tests.

The board voted unanimously Wednesday to support the request.

BOE To Work On Education Funding Proposal

Jul 9, 2012

The Kansas Board of Education will work on their proposal for state education funding this week. 

They’re taking comments from organizations on what they should pursue.

One group is urging them to push for a big funding increase.