Charles McAfee

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Wichita city pools will open for the season on Monday—with one controversial exception.

Wichita Entrepreneurs: Charles McAfee

May 20, 2015
Wynn Ponder

Charles McAfee had no doubt about his talent, and he believed that his ability would transcend the prejudice of the day. The bias he encountered did not stop him from pursuing his dreams.

Listen to the story of McAfee’s incredible tenacity and success, told by KMUW News Director, Aileen LeBlanc. Listen here:

Courtesy Photo / Wichita State University

Since his arrival on campus in 2011, Wichita State University history professor Robert Weems, Jr. has been busy researching the history of African-American businesses in Wichita.

Weems, a Chicago native, has a longstanding interest in this area.

Bonita Gooch

Compared to other major cities, Wichita has a relatively small African-American population.

Because of this large, black-owned commercial enterprises, such as insurance companies, never developed here. Nevertheless, there exists a strong tradition of smaller-scale African-American entrepreneurship in this city.