Border Cantos, an oversized volume of brilliantly painful color photographs by Richard Misrach taken at the Mexican Border of the United States, is haunting. 

Kendall Wohaska

Scott Taylor is a drummer who is part of an ongoing live series highlighting improvised music, A Series For The People’s Freedom, focusing on Kansas-based musicians. The collective releases music as Recordings for the People’s Freedom.

“The whole idea is that we play shows in a place that has very few constructs. We don’t need to play in time if we don’t want to. Basically, no rules.

As complicated as it is, it probably makes the most sense to start out by trying to tell you the basic plot of Your Name, which has rocketed to become the highest grossing anime film of all time.

Last Final Friday was colossal. There were wonderful events happening all over the city and artists and collectors were out in full force.

Singing “Mack the Knife” to a live audience, Ella Fitzgerald realized she had completely forgotten the lyrics and had to ad-lib four whole choruses. The result was a brilliant display of improvising that ended up on the Grammy-winning 1960 album Ella in Berlin.

In the early 1900s, an Irish immigrant named Mary Mallon worked as a personal cook for several wealthy families.

Her tenure also coincided with several outbreaks of typhoid, a bacterial infection that--in its most severe cases--can be fatal. It was eventually determined that Mary was a carrier of the disease and for the next few years she alternated between quarantine and a kind of life on the run as she continued to insist on working as a cook, which inevitably led to more typhoid outbreaks. She would spend the final 23 years of her life in quarantine.

Satire, slapstick, farce: No matter how it is dressed, comedy is a theatrical mainstay. 

It seems that just about everyone loves cheesecake… myself included. There’s something about the dessert that makes it so enjoyable, including the many variations of cheesecake that exist, but modern cheesecake is not a thing like the original.

The Mass Effect trilogies are some of my favorite video games of the previous console generation. I’m a sucker for rich characters and deep world-building, and this is where the Mass Effect series really shined. The universe you occupied in these games felt real and lived-in. Each alien species had a rich history and their own relationships with humans. When I played Mass Effect games, I could imagine myself inhabiting this world.