Stephen Koranda / KPR/File photo

A push to make more divorcing Kansas parents split custody evenly could, some critics contend, make the break-ups harder for children. What’s more, they worry a shift to a 50/50 custody standard could prevent a spouse’s escape from an abusive relationship.

A bill creating a new equal custody standard would significantly raise the standard needed for a judge to give one parent more time with the children than the other.

Stephen Koranda / KPR/File photo

A Kansas House committee has started two days of informational hearings on marriage. Lawmakers heard testimony saying marriage improves health, the lives of kids and the state’s bottom line. As Stephen Koranda reports, the hearing could lead to legislation making it more difficult to get divorced.

Republican Representative Steve Brunk says the hearing confirmed his belief that marriage offers real benefits. He says now the question is: should lawmakers take an action to try to keep marriages intact?