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3:15 pm
Thu January 8, 2015

Privacy Law Reduces Student Participation In Drug Survey

Credit Micah Baldwin, flickr Creative Commons

New Kansas privacy laws have reduced the number of students participating in an annual survey that measures substance abuse.

Mental health officials say the data from the Kansas Communities That Care survey, which has been conducted for two decades, has been invaluable in forming programs to fight substance abuse.

However, an amendment to a data privacy bill passed last year.

The amendment requires parental permission before students answer any surveys with questions about issues such as sex, religion or family life.

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9:09 am
Fri December 27, 2013

State To Begin Million-Dollar Drug Testing Program For Welfare Recipients

Kansas is set to begin a drug testing program next year for some welfare recipients.

The state's program is similar to one in Missouri. After eight months, and 636 drug test requests, Missouri's program this year cost nearly $500,000 and found 20 people who tested positive.

Like Missouri, Kansas will test welfare recipients who are suspected of drug use, sometimes flagged by tests or a questionnaire.

The Kansas law cuts off benefits for welfare recipients who are reasonably suspected of drug use and test positive.

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5:17 pm
Fri December 20, 2013

Drug Testing Law For Legislators Has No Penalties

Some Kansas lawmakers could be required to submit to drug testing next legislative session as part of a new law. But it appears there would be no legal or financial consequences if they test positive for drug use.

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2:13 pm
Tue April 30, 2013

Maize Schools End Random Drug Tests For Students In After-School Activities

The Maize School District has decided to stop doing random drug tests on students who participate in extra-curricular activities.

Maize's School Board recently voted to eliminate the testing after hearing reactions from school administrators and students. The suburb just west of Wichita had conducted the random tests on students from grades 7 through 12.

A spokeswoman says the district has spent almost $31,500 on the program since it began in 2007.

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6:29 am
Wed April 17, 2013

Brownback Signs Drug Testing Bill

Gov. Sam Brownback has signed a bill into law that allows drug testing for people receiving some types of state assistance or unemployment payments.

Brownback called drug use a “scourge” in Kansas.

People receiving certain assistance payments could be tested if there’s suspicion they’re using drugs. If they test positive, they would have to complete drug treatment and job training.

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Kansas Senate
5:37 pm
Tue April 2, 2013

Drug Testing Bill Awaits Gov's Signature

If Gov. Brownback signs the bill, some welfare recipients in Kansas will have to submit to drug testing to keep benefits.
Credit Micahb37/Flickr--Creative Commons

Senators have sent a bill to Gov. Sam Brownback's desk that would require Kansas residents who receive welfare and unemployment benefits to submit to drug testing.

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2013 Legislative Session
6:04 am
Thu February 28, 2013

Drug Testing Bill Advances In Kansas Senate

A Kansas Senate Bill would require some welfare recipients to take a drug test.
Credit Micahb37/Flickr--Creative Commons

The Kansas Senate has tentatively approved legislation requiring drug tests for some people seeking certain welfare benefits, after amending it to require the same scrutiny of legislators.

Wednesday night's vote advanced the bill to final Senate action Thursday. Passage would send it to the House.

The bill would require the Department of Children and Family Services to screen applicants for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families benefits for illegal drug use.

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5:39 am
Thu February 28, 2013

Top Morning News 2.28.13

Bill would require drug testing for welfare recipients; Company beats out Beechcraft for plane contract; Gov. Brownback praises officials for storm response.

Drug Testing Bill Advances In Kansas Senate

The Kansas Senate has tentatively approved legislation requiring drug tests for some people seeking welfare benefits. It was approved after Senators amended it to require the same scrutiny of legislators.


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