12:04 pm
Fri June 20, 2014

Expanded Liquor Sales In Kansas May Have Health Effects

A new report by the Kansas Health Institute lays out the potential health effects of expanding liquor licenses to grocery and convenience stores in Kansas.


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12:25 pm
Thu June 19, 2014

ACA Premiums Average Less than $70 a Month in Kansas

A new report from the Department of Health and Human Services says the average out-of-pocket cost in Kansas for individual health insurance through the new federal marketplace is $67 a month. Bryan Thompson has more.

The report says the actual premium averages $290 a month, but most people qualify for a federal tax credit that covers three-fourths of that amount.

In fact, a little more than three out of every four Kansans buying insurance through the federal exchange qualify for some level of income-based tax credit.

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6:24 am
Tue June 17, 2014

Seniors With Alzheimer's Benefit From iPod Therapy

Linsey Norton, Program Director for Central and Western chapter of the Kansas Alzheimer’s Association, adjusts headphones on Kristi Wilson while her husband Barrick Wilson looks on.
Credit Carla Eckels

One of the most heartbreaking things for families who have a loved one with Alzheimer’s is that there are very few ways for them to communicate. The Roth Project: Music Memories has partnered with the local Alzheimer's Association in an effort to help families connect with those living with the disease through a new iPod Therapy Program. A Wichita woman living with Alzheimer’s has experienced a bit of a breakthrough through therapy with music.

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12:54 pm
Mon June 16, 2014

Linda Sheppard To Join Kansas Health Institute

One of the top officials of the Kansas Insurance Department has accepted a new position at a Topeka-based health policy think-tank.

The Kansas Health Institute has named Linda Sheppard as Senior Analyst and Strategy Team Leader for KHI's work surrounding health reform, effective the end of this month.

She'll provide analysis of state and federal health reform initiatives, including the Affordable Care Act, and their impact on Kansas.

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11:29 am
Thu June 12, 2014

Wichita Initiative Seeks to Make Surgery Safer

A partnership between hospitals in Wichita has a lofty goal: to make Wichita the safest place in the nation to undergo surgery. As Bryan Thompson explains, the key is a standardized pre-op checklist, no matter where the surgery is being performed, or by whom.

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11:26 am
Wed June 11, 2014

Saline County Commission Stands By Decision To Reject IUD Birth Control Grant

The Saline County Commission has refused to reconsider a vote rejecting a federal grant to provide a type of birth control to county residents.

Two weeks ago, the commission rejected a $6,064 grant through the Kansas Department of Health and Environment for intrauterine devices--or IUDs--, after one commissioner said the devices are equal to murder.

After being strongly criticized, the commission said it would reconsider that vote.

Yesterday, commissioners heard from citizens and doctors who offered differing views on whether IUDs caused abortions.

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5:00 am
Fri June 6, 2014

Tobacco And Kansas, A $1 Billion Relationship

A tobacco advertisement outside of a gas station.
Credit Daniel Oines/Flickr Creative Commons

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that Kansas spends over a billion dollars a year in healthcare costs directly linked to smoking. The state once had one of the nation’s lowest percentages of smokers, but decline hasn’t been as rapid as other states – it now ranks 25th in the nation.


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3:00 pm
Wed June 4, 2014

UPDATE: Veteran Cites Additional Reason For Delays At VA

The Robert J. Dole Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Wichita.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Updated on Wednesday, June 4 at 3pm:  

A secret waiting list leading to long wait times for patients at the Wichita VA was found this week. But one veteran says there may be another cause for the delays. KMUW’s Abigail Wilson has the story...

A preliminary investigation into the Wichita VA hospital confirmed the existence of a non-sanctioned wait list for veterans in need of medical care. Public Affairs Officer Diane Henderson said in an e-mail that the list was immediately shut down once it was discovered.

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11:33 am
Tue June 3, 2014

Controversy Surrounds Appointment Of Former Legislator To KanCare Job


Questions are being raised about a former legislator’s credentials for a top job in the Brownback administration. Jim McClean of the KHI News Service has details.

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6:00 am
Fri May 30, 2014

Bike Month Profile: Brett Hogan

Speed cyclist Brett Hogan
Credit Special to KMUW

Wichita cyclist Brett Hogan likes to ride in races, for long distances, and fast. He got into bicycling in high school, when his swim coach told him he could improve his performance by adding cycling to his fitness regime. He hopped on a bike and didn't look back.

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