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Kansas House Advances Cuts In Sales, Income Taxes

Mar 21, 2013

The Kansas House has given first-round approval to a bill cutting sales and income taxes after rejecting a diversion of highway funds to stabilize the budget.

The bill advanced Wednesday on an 82-37 vote, suggesting it has enough support to pass on final action, which is expected Thursday.

The legislation follows up on personal income tax cuts enacted last year by promising income tax rate reductions each year that overall state revenues grow more than 2 percent.

Senate Passes Modified Version Of Brownback Tax Plan

Mar 14, 2013

The Kansas Senate has passed a bill that would cut income tax rates in Kansas and keep the sales tax at its current rate.

House Tax Plan Differs From Brownback's Proposal

Mar 13, 2013

The Kansas House will soon be considering a tax plan that's very different from one proposed by Governor Sam Brownback.

On Friday, Republican leaders in the Kansas House there's little support in their chamber for Gov. Sam Brownback's proposal to raise additional sales tax revenue. House Speaker Ray Merrick of Stilwell and Majority Leader Jene Vickrey of Louisberg said the measure proposed by Gov. Brownback does not seem viable. Brownback wants to cancel a decrease in the sales tax scheduled for July. The 6.3% tax is set to drop to 5.7%. The governor would use that added revenue to stabilize the state budget,...

More than 200 real estate agents rallied in Topeka Wednesday morning to ask lawmakers to preserve two different income tax breaks for homeowners. The Kansas Association of Realtors gathered at the Statehouse before sending members to meet with state legislators. The association is trying to save two tax deductions from being eliminated in Gov. Sam Brownback's tax plan. One allows Kansans to deduct the property taxes they pay on their homes; another allows residents to deduct their home...

KS Senate Committee Delays Work On Gov's Tax Plan

Feb 6, 2013
Stephen Koranda

A Senate Committee has delayed work on Gov. Sam Brownback's tax proposal. A printing mix-up meant the scheduled debate was left off the official Senate calendar for Tuesday, and the committee's chairman says he didn't want to work on the tax plan without letting the public know about it. The committee was scheduled to debate the bill and offer amendments, also called "working" the bill. Senate Tax Committee chairman Les Donovan says they’ll benefit from the extra time to prepare. “There’s...

Mark McCormick returns to KAAM; Reno County Residents Consider Jail Renovation Tax; Wichita City Council approves bike plan; Kansas Senate Committee has to delay work on tax plan because of a printing problem; Sen. Michael O'Donnell introduces legislation to have Kansas college basketball teams play. Updated 2/6/13 9:27 am Mark McCormick Returns To Direct Kansas African American Museum The former director of the Kansas African American...

Some Lawmakers May Pursue Cuts During Budget Talks

Jan 21, 2013

Gov. Sam Brownback has proposed more income tax cuts in Kansas over the coming years. And to help pay for that, he wants to make permanent part of a temporary sales tax increase that is set to expire later this year. He's also suggested eliminating some tax deductions, like the home mortgage deduction. Though, some lawmakers may try to alter that plan. There is now a conservative majority in both the House and Senate, and some lawmakers may try to find additional cuts to state spending...

Chamber leaders to be picked at the Statehouse Monday; Budget projections will likely be recalculated after revenue numbers from November; Meat prices expected to rise next year. KS Legislators To Pick Chambers' Leaders Kansas Republican legislators are meeting at the Statehouse to choose the next Senate president and speaker of the House. Monday's elections will be held by returning incumbents and those taking office for the first time in January. Republicans will...

Education funding is a leading issue for many Kansans this election year and when voters go to the polls Nov. 6 they will be choosing between vastly different philosophies on how to create and maintain effective, efficient K-12 public schools. Funding for public schools in Kansas has been a hot topic in the state legislative races this year, and for good reason. Despite major cuts, more than half of the state’s budget is still spent on public schools. Yet performance has been lackluster in...