Kansas Highway Patrol

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The Kansas Highway Patrol will be extra vigilant in stopping drivers for speeding this weekend. The special enforcement will run from Friday, Sept. 23, through Sunday, Sept. 25.

The department says law enforcement will be on the lookout for drivers breaking traffic laws by speeding, texting, driving while impaired or not wearing a seatbelt. The patrols will take place on city streets, rural roads and state and federal highways.

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It could soon cost slightly more to register vehicles in Kansas. Lawmakers have approved a bill that would increase vehicle registration fees to help fund the Kansas Highway Patrol.

Republican Rep. Virgil Peck opposes the move, because he says they could divert existing registration money instead of adding the new $3.25 fee.

“We have a way to fund it other than this increase. I do not support increasing vehicle registration fees on Kansas vehicle owners by nearly $10 million,” Peck said.

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A Kansas House committee is considering bills that would bolster funding for the Highway Patrol with the goal of hiring more state troopers.

The proposals would either divert current registration fees to the Kansas Highway Patrol or add a new $2 fee to help hire 75 troopers over three years. Patrol Superintendent Colonel Mark Bruce says the current shortage means they can’t respond to every call, so local police departments have to pick up the slack.

Kansas Highway Patrol

Gov. Sam Brownback will deliver his sixth State of the State address this evening in Topeka.

He’ll be laying the groundwork for this year’s legislative session. The state is facing a massive budget shortfall for the next fiscal year--but the Kansas Highway Patrol is already asking for a spending increase.

The Kansas Highway Patrol is asking lawmakers to increase the vehicle title fee to pay for more troopers.

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Kansas law enforcement officers plan to increase patrols this week to encourage drivers to be aware of child car safety as part of National Child Passenger Safety Week.

Parents can expect to see officers at elementary and middle schools through Friday. The officers will be making sure kids are properly buckled up and are using the correct car seat, booster seat or seat belt. Anyone not obeying Kansas laws pertaining to child safety will be issued a citation.

Governor Brownback and other state and law enforcement officials will participate in a groundbreaking ceremony today for a new Kansas Highway Patrol headquarters.

Kechi, just north of Wichita, will be the future home of both the south-central area patrol and Kansas Bureau of Investigation.

The new facility will replace the current location in Wichita, and it's being paid for with asset forfeiture funds.

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A group of seven Kansas Highway Patrol officers called the Tweeting Troopers is discovering the power of social media to spread information during storms, traffic obstructions or simply to post educational messages.

Trooper Gary Warner, based in Wichita, said he's been impressed with how quickly and widely tweets he sends are disseminated since the group was formed in January. He said it’s not uncommon to have up to 70,000 people view a tweet minutes after it’s posted.

Vehicle Fatalities Trending In The Wrong Direction

Nov 27, 2012
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According to the Kansas Highway Patrol, 39 people died on state roads and highways during the month of October. For the first 10 months of this year, 352 people have died in highway accidents.

For the past several years, motor vehicle fatalies have been have generally been on a downward trend in Kansas.

But at the current pace, Kansas will have 430 traffic deaths by the end of the year. 

Tim McCool, a traffic safety specialist with the Kansas Traffic Safety Resource Office, said there have been more fatalities at this point in 2012 than there was in 2011.

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