Meals On Wheels

Deborah Shaar

This week, KMUW News is telling the stories of volunteers who donate their time and talent to Sedgwick County organizations and nonprofits. Many people do their volunteer assignments year round--not just at the holidays.

KMUW’s Deborah Shaar spent time with the volunteers who keep the Meals on Wheels program rolling.

Deborah Shaar / KMUW

Wichita’s Meals on Wheels program is back in its own kitchen after four months of renovations due to a fire.

An Open House at the Downtown Senior Center is planned for Wednesday afternoon. KMUW’S Deborah Shaar reports.

An electrical fire in the kitchen at the Downtown Senior Center on South Walnut last November shut down the building for four months.

The Meals on Wheels program moved to a temporary kitchen during this time and all senior programs and activities stopped or moved to other centers.

Milt Radford / KMUW

More than 800 Wichita seniors are fed a hot lunch on weekdays as part of Meals on Wheels. Federal sequestration could reduce funding for the program but not the bond that forms between volunteers and clients.

Nancy Hindle, 90, lives alone in a west Wichita apartment; she has been a widow the past three years. She has family in the area helping her with daily needs, but cooking a meal is a difficult task.

"I got so I couldn't put things together," says Hindle. "I have arthritis real bad. I don't ever use my oven if I'm by myself."