Updated 9/16: Deja Young won a gold medal in the 200 meter event at 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio, bringing her count to two.

Original story:

A sprinter from Wichita State University won the Gold Medal at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio. She was running in the 100 meters division. 

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Many of the Olympic events in Brazil are wrapping up, and athletes are heading back home. Nico Hernandez, a light flyweight boxer from Wichita, is set to receive a hero’s welcome from local officials.

Hernandez began the games as an unknown, just a boxer who made money changing oil at his father’s mechanic shop. Now, he’s a local sensation. Many in Wichita have been closely watching his success in the Rio Olympics.

He had a major upset victory against second-seeded Russian Vasilii Egorov, who was the favorite to win the silver medal.

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Nico Hernandez had a gnarly gash over his left eye that left him bloodied, with blurred vision and in need of stitches.

He has a better look in mind for Sunday.

Hernandez will leave the Rio Games with a bronze medal in the light flyweight division, ending a medal drought for the U.S. that stretched to 2008. He's also the first American light flyweight to medal since Michael Carbajal won silver in 1998.

A lot has changed for the Olympics over the last century, including the focus on an entire discipline. 

The Olympics from 1912 to 1952 weren’t just about sports, but art. Medals were given out for painting, sculpture, literature, music and architecture. The only caveat being that the pieces must be inspired by sport.

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Against the backdrop of the 2012 summer Olympics a small Kansas town is working to spread the word about their 1936 Olympic gold medal winning basketball stars with a new documentary.

The McPherson Globe Refiners aren’t a well-known basketball team.

They were sponsored by the Globe Refining Company and affiliated with the Amateur Athletic Union or AAU - the standard back in the early 20th century.

They were also short lived, but in their two-year existence they won 2nd place in the AAU championships in 1935, then 1st place in 1936.

A exhibit that highlights Wichita’s ties to the 1936 Olympics opens Monday.