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Now come the stories of inspiring heroism, accounts of selfless acts of bravery. There were many who protected others during the Las Vegas shooting rampage. A single shooter’s act of cowardice was greatly outnumbered. Many saved lives and even shielded others with their own bodies as gunfire sprayed about them.

I am an unabashed lover of autumn. When the light takes on a slight golden cast as it filters through fading leaves, I get a little happier. Don’t get me wrong – I like summer. But it’s just so dang emphatic. 

Richard Crowson

When I got up this morning I was sore as I could be
There was pain in every square inch anatomically
Felt like my entire body was just one big bruise
Maybe it’s because I fell asleep last night watching the news

I got a used pair of eclipse glasses
I guess I’ll put ‘em up for sale online.
There must be somebody out there that needs ‘em
For looking at a thing that’s got a bright shine.

I can still recall the emotional gumbo that the first days of each school year used to fill me with: the excitement of seeing my old schoolmates and curiosity about the new faces, and of course, getting my first impression of that new teacher standing before us all. I’d cross my fingers in hopes this new instructor would be one that I liked.

The President speaks to a Boy Scout Jamboree and suddenly scouts have a new campfire song to sing:

Jellaluna / Flickr / Creative Commons

This commentary originally aired on July 18, 2014.

It strikes me that among the ethereal mysteries of our planet, there are some that it would be deeply challenging to explain to a visitor from another world. Some of these pleasures are things like music, art and lightning bugs.

I ran over to the grocery yesterday in a panic. I’d been contemplating the Senate Republican health care bill.

I’m just going to borrow an old Hank Williams song here to celebrate how the 2017 Kansas Legislature converted our state with a good old-fashioned born-again experience!

Sometimes it seems like Wichita sits inside of a giant pinball machine. A spring-loaded lever gets pulled and a big ol’ ball rolls around banging into this and into that. Except what it’s banging into are historic buildings, and as for the ball itself: It’s a wrecking ball.