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Recommendations will be presented to the Wichita Transit Advisory Board tomorrow about restructuring bus fares.

Wichita Transit Director Steve Spade says the base bus fare of $1.75 will remain, but options will be simplified.

"What’s being suggested now is that we do a cash fare of $1.75 and then we do a day pass, a weekly pass and a monthly pass and keep it simple," Spade says. "The other thing that we are doing is offering pretty substantial discounts on our passes."

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Kansas law enforcement officers plan to increase patrols this week to encourage drivers to be aware of child car safety as part of National Child Passenger Safety Week.

Parents can expect to see officers at elementary and middle schools through Friday. The officers will be making sure kids are properly buckled up and are using the correct car seat, booster seat or seat belt. Anyone not obeying Kansas laws pertaining to child safety will be issued a citation.

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Passengers are encouraged to book holiday travel early this year.

Wichita State Professor and co-author of the annual Airline Quality Rating Dean Headley says travel has been steady all year, and demand is expected to remain strong throughout Thanksgiving and Christmas. He says an influx of passengers and the possibility of bad weather should always be factored into holiday travel plans.

"You can make it easier for yourself by early arrivals or better planning or don’t carry so much stuff on board with you, you can ease the stress," he said at a presentation Thursday.

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Students at Wichita State University have a new option for getting around the city to run errands. A car sharing company called Zipcar will begin offering rentals on campus next week.

Zipcar is already at 400 universities across North America. Here in Wichita, the company will offer two Ford Focuses that are available 24 hours a day.

Students, faculty and staff 18 or older can join for about $15 a year. Rates are $7.50 an hour or $69 a day. That includes gas and insurance up to 180 miles.

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Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell announced the city has purchased a new machine that will reportedly make the repair of potholes faster and more durable.

The mayor announced the $174,000 machine during his weekly briefing as crews demonstrated. He says the city fixes about 50,000 potholes every year, with a cost of just over $10 per pothole. That means nearly $500,000 in taxpayer money is spent yearly on the repairs. And while the individual cost will rise with the new machine, the repairs last longer, on average 5 years, so there are cost savings.

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AAA projects an increase in travelers hitting the road over the holiday, and they'll be fueling up for less. Kansas enters this Labor Day weekend with the lowest average gas price since 2004.

AAA’s Jim Hanni says 90 percent of travelers in the West North Central region plan to travel by automobile. That makes the area--which includes Kansas--the second highest for auto travel in America just behind the southern region.

Hanni says the average price for regular unleaded gasoline in Kansas is $2.35.

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The city of Wichita will begin installing bike paths downtown this week as part of the 10-year Wichita Bicycle Master Plan. The installation will take place over the course of three weeks.

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The Kansas Highway Patrol is making the rounds in school districts across the state, inspecting school buses and other vehicles that transport students.

Troopers began their vehicle inspections this week and will continue through the first days of school in August.

The goal is to make sure every bus and school vehicle will load, transport and unload students safely. Lt. Adam Winters says troopers check for defects in equipment and mechanical conditions.

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Amtrak routes across Kansas and Missouri could keep running under a tentative agreement reached in a dispute over federally required safety systems, officials said Monday.

The rail passenger service had warned it might stop or reroute its Southwest Chief line through Kansas and to end its River Runner service between Kansas City and St. Louis because of disagreements over who would pay to install safety technology designed to prevent traffic accidents caused by human error. The disagreement centered on lines used to route trains through the Kansas City area.

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The Wichita Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, or WAMPO, is hosting a public meeting Monday to get feedback on its long-range regional transportation plan.

Planner Gloria Jeff says WAMPO is developing a blueprint to guide the next 25 years worth of investment in projects and programs for nearly all forms of transportation.